The biggest mistake you can make as a business owner is to think, “I’m in charge.” You’re not, says Daniel DiGriz; the economy is. DiGriz, author of All Marketing Is Dead, has no aspirations to be “the boss” either: He doesn’t hire employees; he hires business owners, because it’s not the size of a company that determines your success; it’s the volume of business you do. DiGriz’s entirely un-self-centered approach to business isn’t just charming; it’s smart as hell. Because while anyone can be a thought leader, far too many mistake it for an ego trip, expecting people to care. In fact, your job as an entrepreneur and budding thought leader is to not be a big shot, but change the conversation in your industry.

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    @glade Didnt notice…but if Terri changes, she’s already confirmed with me that she’ll put Pdiddy’s Bad Boy For Life in all background music so that your bumpin appropriately…jk

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    This was extremely interesting. I always have my note pad out, but damn, I filled it up. Let’s get it Terri!