Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt encourage millennials to invest in themselves and increase their income. What are Millennials doing with their money? Reports say they are conservative savers and this can hurt them. Grant and Jarrod explain that it is vital that millennials stash away money so they can then invest it in something that will generate additional income. Grant explains the difference between baby money and baller money, at least $100,000 that can be used for investment. He explains when millennials have 5, 10, 15, 30, $40,000 they should focus on investing in themselves so they can get around big thinkers and ideas that will generate more income.

Millennial Money Tips Include:
1. Invest in Yourself!
2. Focus on growing your income.
3. Do not overspend.
4. Save more to invest with.

Grant and Jarrod explain that everyone is looking for the shortcut and there isn’t one. Spend energy in making yourself known in the marketplace and advise a caller to do this exact thing. Other callers get advice from Grant and Jarrod. Tune in to get the sound advice you need to make the most of your millennial money.

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    What would you do w $20K? GrantCardone JarrodGlandt

  • so true! White seems to be real comfortable in their skin! No racist, just fact! Get your dang feelings off your shoulders an move on in life!!!!

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    I would figure out how to turn that $20K in $100K of course.

  • djdaveleeds

    I would figure out how to turn that $20K in $100K of course. djdaveleeds GrantCardone JarrodGlandt

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    Grant’s right. And I believe that wealth is created by using other people’s money –
    leverage is the most misunderstood but most power tool to create wealth.

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    warrencasselljr Warren Casell how are you? , Grant in 10X cd audio states” Money is created by Man and Printed by Machines”.-GC

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    I understand the concept “baby” money.  
    1. It seems that both of you are on board with real estate and tying the capital into property that is providing a monthly stream of income.  With Commercial Real Estate I don’t have a hundred million to acquire a portfolio yet.  What are your thoughts about a complex REIT portfolio from one company?  “I have no debt,  only of that paid for by others” 

    Without giving my money to the fat cats on Wall Street or the huge corporations, the “baby money” needs to work while I go earn a commission check to double it so it has friends.   (My money gets lonely in the bank and wants to have more friends.   It’s all about the Benjamin s)   How does anybody invest in CRE with “baby money” without having a third party? 

    Grant mentioned about getting a private Jet.  When I see these huge 300,000 square foot office  buildings located in NY/NJ for the insurance purposes, I have the same freaking thought “I need to hustle more and make more money”

    Take the money so it’s out of reach and is tied up with either CRE or Multi Family housing, how do you decide on which property to tie up cash with so the monthly income is reaching it’s true potential? 

    I am committed to Success for my family myself and the company I represent.  Glad that WIT network is exploding.   I keep seeing new content being added and can’t keep up. 
    Keep up the great work. 

    Great Show this week!

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