Grant Cardone offers unfiltered wisdom and hard truths to America’s middle class to bring out their true potential.

Yesterday President Obama had his turn to speak on the topic of immigration, and today it’s Grant Cardone’s turn. Grant starts out with the fact that the U.S. allows more immigrants through its borders than all 196 other countries in the world, combined. And if you’re threatened by the immigrants, you don’t have your hustle on. Immigrants are 3 to 4 times more likely to become millionaires. Can you hustle like an immigrant? They have the fear of being sent back to their country every day they don’t make enough. It’s not greed, it’s survival.

Ask yourself why you are in America. If you can’t answer it, redefine your purpose and your game plan.

How to Hustle Like an Immi-GRANT:

1. Handle your dreams like your children (chilluns?)
2. Show up every day with a great attitude
3. Interact with your target—BE DIFFERENT
4. Crush doors
5. Don’t let your hustle stop, even on the weekend

Grant takes callers from around the world and gives them success tips on their questions. He answers a call about how he himself can get better. Tune in and find out how you can change your game!

  • bcoelho2000

    There are no borders online! There are no borders for #younghustlers! It’s a GLOBAL competition.

  • Emeka

    hi grant will u ever come to uk?

  • I love the weekend. It is when I can focus entirely on the hustle without the distractions of weekend whiners.

  • Love the show!

  • Enrique Ruano

    Ii will work for free till you put me on payroll, which won’t take long once you see my hunger and dedication to becoming the best human possible! Most of my family works in Yuma AZ. picking fruits and vegetables but I on the other hand got vision and realized we as humens have one he’ll of a potential if we use the greatest gift on earth! Our minds!

  • Takman17

    Sorry we got Disconnected, you have Completely changed the way I look at the way I look at How I sell Motor Homes, I am on My 5th go around listening to 10X,If your not First your Last, Sell and be Sold and Closers!! My Favorite……but I am learning that My instant Cash Flow does not happen has fast as I want it to,But I can feel myself changing and I am not gripped up with Fear anymore!!!  Thanks Again Grant

  • AMStark77

    Thank you!  He didn’t get away with it.  Completely racist and unacceptable on so many levels!

  • Immigrants are here to hustle. 10x your labor force for less. Now restraunts and construction are 10xing. Love the hustle or get deported.

  • KinaDore

    witnation GrantCardone lol

  • johnmcnichol

    GrantCardone Excited about Tony Robbins new book Money Master The Game! RU?!

  • johnmcnichol

    .GrantCardone Excited about Tony Robbins new book Money Master The Game! RU?!

  • GVCRecruitment

    jay2iam GrantCardone I say be serial killer hustle

  • JoseILeyvajr

    GrantCardone bcuz its a hi-lite of their lives if immigrants r deported. Hi-lites shld be career driven not at the cost of suffering of ppl

  • zaccxav

    Immigrants out here in Madrid, getting bread

  • ChristianRamirez3

    Great show Grant! I’m glad you bring on this topic and is hidden by major media. #TheNextTeddTurner

  • pauledwil

    The best show yet for me Grant, I really relate to the getting rid of the baggage thing, I’m in the process of it now. Australia has this middle class entitlement menatality too, and I love seeing immigrants here working for a better life.

  • 10xSingh

    I am an immigrant- and i think only thing that sets us apart is the work ethic and hunger. We know we have to do ten times better than people back home. Also its like you are given a new life which is exciting. 

    Can you please do a show on how to start business, llc, and the steps to take to have a successful service company.

  • RobRagusa

    majority of my works are foreign; they hustle. recently had a guy from japan and he was awesome. good show and canada is the greatest country, eh 🙂

  • mubaraknsekarije

    Mr grant this person should be checked out what he is doing is not right.

  • Freakkin awesome. #HumbleHustlers

  • Powerful Show. Grant Cardone your insights are incredible .