Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer Millennials tips for getting attention in business.

Great news! Businesses are hiring. This means you must get attention and set yourself apart in the marketplace. For people with jobs this means you must promote your value within your organization. Grant and Jarrod begin the show explaining how money follows attention and why you must have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and do what others refuse to do. Some examples Jarrod shares include arrive early and stay late, think like the owner and bring ideas that meets the business’ objectives and purpose. Specifically Grant offers these 3 Steps to Get Attention

1. Make yourself known.
2. Deliver what is needed.
3. Improve yourself every day.

Grant and Jarrod take callers, with questions about standing out despite being young, how to get attention to expand their business and how to advance to the next level.

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    Tips for getting attention where you work GrantCardone JarrodGlandt #younghustlers

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    Questions for Grant.  Would you do a seminar for Marines that are coming back to civilian life that want to start their own business?

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  • Make yourself known! Outstanding show guys!

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    Yo Jarrod! Could I send you my goals everyday so its more like a commitment and be kept accountable?

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    Great show….Semper Fi…Do or die….Ooooorahhh.

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    Get known! Deliver on what’s needed! And always be learning!

  • always improve! Get in cardone university!

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    Great advice Grant & Jarrod, appreciate the input. And lol @ the taco man comment!   – Oscar (23 yr old real estate agent – LA)

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    Great show today. Was hustling during the live stream today.
    I took a new role as a risk manager with CRE owners with a min of a million square feet in their portfolios.
    Show up early
    Make myself know
    Always improving myself.

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    I’m a full time agent.. I know what you saying about real estate agents…most don’t even know how to negotiate a contract. They think sending an email is communicating and negotiating. Love your material and recommend your audio books!

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  • Bring 10X to Seattle!

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    GrantCardone PHENOMINAL Show Mr.Cardone!! Making transition from Financial Adviser to Realtor just for the excitement of the Tangible sale and not the intangible speculation. 23 years old father of two and excited to come across your show!!

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    Make yourself known
    Delivery on what is needed
    Constantly improve yourself