Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt tackle the issues for the under 35 crowd with tips and insights they need to help them succeed in any economic climate. With 80 million Millennials out there, all of them aren’t as lazy and entitled as the media makes them out to be. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9-to-5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal.

Today they talk about time, and the fact that people blame it instead of taking responsibility. Are you a Young Hustler? Then stop saying, “I don’t have time.” It’s easy to blame something that’s made up. Grant is convinced that time is a made up concept that is loaded into our consciousness.

If you think time is made up, we want to see your comments below.

Tips on Buying Time:
1. Quit blaming time.
2. Stop going to places that only yield one thing—Multitask.
3. Quit doing things that don’t pay you.
4. Follow the money.
5. Over commit. Put as much as you can into your schedule.

You need a reason. You need to take the time you have, whether it’s 1 hour, 12 hours, or an entire month.

“When you blame, you become a victim.” – GC

People get conditioned to think of time in simple forms of subtraction and addition. If you hire people to work for you on a project, you effectively multiply your time.

While they are filming the show, they are also recording a podcast and streaming on Periscope—they are multiplying their time. 21- out of 28-million entrepreneurs don’t have employees. They are scared to spend money to multiply their time.

What are you willing to give up? Make a list of things throughout the day, and remove all of the things that aren’t making you money, getting you more exposure, or growing your business.

Hire someone to wash your car, mow your lawn, do your laundry—so you have more time to go out and make money.

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  • Alain Stout


  • AlanThe10XKing

    Hey Grant and Jarrod,

    I doubt if I’ll be able to call in today – I’m always in school at the time that you guys do your shows, but I listen to them afterwards – always EPIC! My question that I would LOVE for you guys to answer is:

    What 3 things would you tell someone who is trying to hit $100 million or more (net worth) to focus on? I am 15, and your advice (plus my hustle) has really helped me to explode my income already, but I’m looking to take things to the next level as time continues.

  • Alain Stout


  • Young Hustlers are BACK!!!  Get it craccin’ #WIT #YoungHustlers

  • PonchoScotch

    just make it *in time* to watch the show live

  • New England needs Cardone University!

  • PonchoScotch

    LOL agreed, Grant’s getting deep in time! #QuickBlamingTimeOrYouWontHaveAnything

  • davemcgregor8

    I want some help Grant. Help me understand the Scientology [email protected]

  • Learning new jewels on time…thanx for spiiting game, BOSS Cardone #WIT #YoungHustlers

  • Alain Stout

    Best Tip starting from nothing?

  • ChristopherLaverdure

    Time was made up to confuse us ..!

  • banksj1531

    Grant and Jarrod be spittin that HOT FIYA

  • ChristopherLaverdure

    time isn’t money – value is money

  • CarlosB_K

    Grant is going DEEP today 10X!

  • Alain Stout


  • PonchoScotch

    What time is it?
    -It’s HUSTLE Time!

  • jlevrier

    Time is on my side

  • Channing Gardiner

    I bought time to watch this important show!

  • TMT7110X

    People use TIME as an excuse to hit their goals!!!

  • Angel Zavala

    People always ask “how do you manage your time?” The reality is I don’t manage time, I manage activities.

  • xDanielAguilarx

    Time is a system that was invented to organize an individuals activities, track life events, and moments in history.  How you utilize your “time” is what it all boils down to.  Whether you label it “time” or activity it makes no difference; be as efficient as you possibly can while you are awake and alive!  #10X #younghustlers #goldenshower <//==== (LOL!)

  • xDanielAguilarx

    Angel Zavala That’s what Earl Nightingale said too.

  • PonchoScotch

    It’s not about not having enough time, “it’s about 
    the critical importance people put on certain things” So, give critical importance to what will move you forward, what will bring you revenue. – #GrantIsDropping Bombs!

  • TMT7110X

    people like to be controlled that why time is so important to them! That’s the biggest issue with our country.

  • CardoneMedia

    AlanThe10XKing Glad you got to call in Alan!

  • Alain Stout

    I want 250 million at the end of the year, and 100 billion in my lifetime at least

  • Michael Costanzo

    It is refreshing to hear from you guys that you don’t have to love something to get great at it. Once the money comes in you can start to put it towards something you love!

  • Michael Costanzo

    What is your best intro telephone script to book meetings for B2B property and casualty insurance?

  • xDanielAguilarx

    My key takeaway from this show is just as Grant put it – Get to the point.

  • PonchoScotch

    Agreed, blocking your time in 30 mins chunk helps a lot with your productivity, 30 mins completely immersed doing one single thing (i.e. cold calling), 5 min break, then 30 more mins and so on. Thanks for the reminder Jarrod!

  • PonchoScotch

    Ok, quick  question: Grant says he is “periscoping”, first time I hear that, what is “periscope”? and app?

  • Alain Stout

    Want to be the best on my area and the richest youngest prettiest smartest most genius entrepreneur, rapper & designer personality of the planet ever existed on entertainment, fashion, real estate, hotel, restaurant & cafeteria industry, investments & marketing. The Dream Living Lifestyle Vision through Creation, building & making. The Kingdom Paradise Empire Future Infinite Forever. XD

  • Alain Stout

    Don’t know neither

  • Quinn Kirsop

    “Decide that time is money” – GC


    “Find something to beome a master at and you don’t need to love it” – GC

    Sooooo true!!!

  • xDanielAguilarx

    PonchoScotch It’s a new app that let’s you broadcast whatever’s around you using your smart phone’s camera in real-time… no WiFi required either, pretty legit!

  • GrantCardone

    Alain Stout thanks for watching our show  on The Dream Living Lifestyle Vision through Creation, building & making. The Kingdom Paradise Empire Future Infinite Forever. XD

    Whatever it Takes: Time

  • PonchoScotch

    xDanielAguilarx PonchoScotch Thanks, will check it out.

  • is this over

  • vaughn_witn

    inge bowman The show airs live at 1 PM and then is available any time here on this page.

  • vaughn_witn
  • vaughn_witn inge bowman Dam I wanted to call in . Yall didnt post the right time in Cali???

  • When are you going to do another show on Apartments?? I only see two.

  • Im a cop in LA and I would 10x that ticket if I pulled you over ..hahah just kidding

  • I’m grinding heavy so I missed the live episode.  Shout out to all of the #YoungHustlers out there.  Grants Boiler Room looks fresh!

  • GrantCardone when is that boiler room show coming?

  • vaughn_witn

    inge bowman Roughly once per month.

  • vaughn_witn

    inge bowman vaughn_witn All of our times are EST, but we will definitely make sure to have it show when we Tweet or post on social media. Thanks for following the show!

  • Big takeaway from the show: Focus on profit producing activities.

  • nicky2snaps

    That is why i hate when people say, “do what you love”. What you need to be doing is what your good at and make damn sure it pays!
    If you do what you are passionate about you will never be able to delegate.

  • TMT7110X
  • thecreditcowboy

    “When you blame, you become a victim” @Grantcardone you are the f-ng man.

  • jem20

    How do you know when your first stream of income is secure for you to then create your second?

  • AlvinTims

    Get FREED i agree. if your not making profit, aren’t you really just farting into the wind?

  • shadyrudy

    As a Mexican, I laughed at the pyramids comment. And yes, someone mows my lawn, like Grant says.

  • I still think about the “Pray About It Close”!!

  • I still think about the “Pray About It Close”!! Very good

  • What is the bible verse about multiple sources of income?

  • Where is the Lobster Boat episode?

  • GrantCardone

    TheOfficial_WM it will be coming soon…

  • GrantCardone

    TheOfficial_WM “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days your will find it again. Give portions to seven, yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land. “ ~ Ecclesiastes 11

  • GrantCardone

    TheOfficial_WM Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon, for you don’t know if profit will come from one activity or another—or maybe both. Ecclesiastes 11:6

  • GrantCardone

    TheOfficial_WM thanks –

  • GrantCardone

    @jem20 it is secure when it continues to repeat and grow with less of your effort

  • GrantCardone

    Get FREED thats right!

  • GrantCardone

    DanielAndres GrantCardone we are working on boiler room right now to produce a show

  • GrantCardone

    inge bowman make sure you are subscribed and each time we drop a show you will be notified

  • GrantCardone

    inge bowman Check CardoneZone – which is where I do Apartment shows

  • GrantCardone

    Michael Costanzo you should get on

  • GrantCardone

    jlevrier when are you guys launching your first show? alexcharfen

  • GrantCardone

    Alain Stout we all started from nothing – GO

  • GrantCardone

    davemcgregor8 start with A New Slant on Life

  • Alain Stout

    @grantcardone you’re right, really thanks for the reply, really appreciate that, very cool!! Easy -1-

  • Khynick

    Time Is not real! Mind Blown


    If you take away “time” YOU STILL have the SAME list of things to do.SO just get up and GET IT DONE!You want more “Fictional time” = MOVE FASTER

  •;  It is not 24 hours a day! It is INFINITE MOMENTS. 
    How Many moments do you want?!?

  • Jared Owen

    GrantCardone TheOfficial_WM Great verse!