Grant Cardone talks about cold calling—something you need to do to get where you want to be. How do you get someone on Facebook or LinkedIn and fill your pipeline so full you don’t have to pay for advertising. First, know the benefits of cold prospecting. You don’t have enough leads. Your bank account is determined by the number of leads you have. The way not to be frustrated by a low closing ratio is to have lots and lots of leads. 76% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. It’s because people don’t know how to prospect. Cold calling is how you can scale a business!

  • William and Astrid

    Thank you! You got us hyped up for a great week ahead! Astrid South Africa


    You dont need to get everyone to like you. You need to get everyone to know you! Fill that pipeline!

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    Great stuff, Grant. Time for me to 10X my activity and explode my pipeline.

  • CraigPalms

    This is solid stuff. You income depends on your pipeline! Get out of obscurity! Grant ROCKS!

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    Awesome Content and presentation.  It’s all HARD..It’s all good!