For the Millenials who are sick and tired of getting advice from their father’s golf buddies. No generation is different from any other. You need to get your information from people who are willing to do Whatever It Takes to get things done, not from those who have given up on their dreams.


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Most people have adopted goals—goals of previous peers or generations.

Grant and Jarrod want to help you get your focus, reestablish your motivation which comes from having goals.

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3 Things To Set Your Goals:
What is important to you?
Prioritize your goals.
Make sure these goals are yours and not someone else’s.
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  • Build your Empire, and Conquer your Goals.

  • MattAnthonyA1

    You Guys Always Get Me Jacked UP

  • How to get older salesman set in their ways to think like YoungHustlers and goal set for 2015

  • Joshua Smith

    how about shopping!! I work for them and need your shock factor!

  • Joshua Smith

    Please shop I work for them and need your shock factor!! we have old salespeople with old attitudes

  • TheMikeBarron

    SheriSuccess GrantCardone JarrodGlandt Watching all the way from #SanDiego #10X #WhateverItTakesNetwork #YoungHustlers #10xRule #Goals

  • Great show @jarrodglandt @grantcardone having a vision statement (complete with drawings) really helps with your goals.  What you intend to become will be ingrained in your mind.  You wont miss! #YoungHustlers make every action you take be congruent to your goals!

  • Takman17

    Jarrod,dude that is Chrystal Clear!!! on your goals,as long as you believe in your Goals!

  • primaterick

    Great show!

  • PonchoScotch

    @15:59 agreed, writing down your goals helps a lot. #ThinkOnPaper

  • marcell hanson

    Thanks for the “o”[email protected] – You Ayight (:

    @grantcardone – I love you too!

  • PonchoScotch

    Notice how JarrodGlandt mentions his goals as affirmations, they are clear, specific, detailed (have numbers) and in present tense… as if they have been accomplished alread,. that allows you to keep them in mind.  
    1) Define what’s important to you. Be clear. 
    2) Prioritize whats important and your daily activities towards them.
    3) Be sure these goals are yours, not someone else’s.

    Good show. :D!

  • TonnyJimenez

    Hustleling 10X from Baja, Mexico

  • TonnyJimenez

    If you don’t know how to setup goals… is because you are surviving.

    If you are living you life… you’ll set them up automatically.

  • Quicktip: Developing morning rituals that are congruent with your goals will increase your production 10X throughout the day.  Dont just get up and go; get up and Go with Purpose!  Otherwise, the day will run you to the ground.

  • lisa10Xer

    Missed the live feed, catching up on [email protected] working his magic, 10X guys!

  • lisa10Xer

    Get FREED Totally agree ! Getting pumped is not enough, we need to keep getting the Right information, to keep our purpose aligned with our goals!

  • lisa10Xer

    marcell hanson loved your attitude and thought you were great on the show! 10X it !

  • lisa10Xer

    GrantCardone JarrodGlandt witnation I’d really like to see a show especially on Making cold calls, how to command attention, and phone prospecting, getting past the gatekeeper, what messages to leave, etc etc. to keep building our hustle muscle. I’ve seen your shows on following up and nurturing leads (Extremely helpful) and would really appreciate more of this content! Thanks for everything you’re doing for us hustlers!

  • marcell hanson

    @lisa10xer. Thanks. I appreciate that. Keep it real!
    Be Awesome

  • DoubleE

    great show!

  • Great show, you guys are inspiration to millenials. I started wrinting my goals down everyday in the morning before I start to work and it has helped me to focus on what I want and when I want it!

  • AprilBrumfield

    1. I hustle for my dreams instead of someone else’s

    2. I tune in to #younghustlers because a Mommy and wife hustle like no other

    3. I workout daily

    4. I am at 14% body fat

    5. JarrodGlandt calls me about that resume I emailed him today #witnation

  • I almost died laughing seeing Jarrod’s impeccable goal recitation. Just imagine how few people when asked for their goals expect others may be listening for speed, magnitude, precision, and succinct delivery.

  • CJoiner1978

    Can’t get the new  podcasts on Itunes.  I’ve listened to all the old ones.  Thanks for all you do.  Really enjoy the show!

  • JerryAdan_89

    Great episode

  • pauledwil

    Awesome show!!!!, thanks for doing these shows on goals.

    Been writing my goals  2-4 times most days for 4 months now, it’s true like things just take shape and form. The biggest arsenal in my day is Jarrod mentioned 4pm, every day 4pm I stop and think about how can I control the rest of the afternoon/ evening, so I can be waking up tomorrow morning htting the ground running. Grant talks about this in 100 ways to stay motivated.

    Biggest obstacle I find is getting rid of the dead wood/distractions, eg when the terrorist hostage thing happened here in Sydney a month ago I found myself wanting to keep up to date. Also I got friends that sometimes if I hang out with I leave feeling de energised and loss of focus. 

    I have a proposed suggestion for a show Jarrod, maybe something about “who are your friends really?”

  • Brad Bischoff

    A while ago I was let on to Journaling and keeping track of everything.  Every morning I keep track of my B AT BEHAVIO ATTITUDE AND TECHNIQUE.  I keep track of my goals and at the end of the day I evaluate my wins anand losses.  Days that I have a low attitude I look back in the journal to see what days were a high score skills again for the future days.  I  can’t control my numbers but I sure as hell can  manage my attitude behavioral technique.  Before I start the morning I have a vision board that I speak my goals out load. When I get home before bed I review the goals with Journaling and repeat reading my goals out load.  

    Do this for 90 solid days and you will see your life change.  Things become a reality, when goals are being achieved you need to make the goals bigger and 10x.

  • zaccxav

    Awesome show! Can you guys do an episode on networking, making friends within your industry, business relationships, effective communication etc?,, Been reading a lot of books on this subject, would love to hear yall’s perspective! 

  • zaccxav Good idea. I wrote a book called Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking discussing how to initiate the networking process. A lot of book discuss “hey, I met this person and we closed the deal!” There’s a gap when addressing the Young Hustlers. I would love to hear some advice from Jarrod and Grant.

  • DenisPicard1

    sick episode guys your content is getting better and better! Good freaking job!

  • thakur604

    great show!how about a show about tips on waking up early everyday

  • marcell hanson

    First things first. Focus on what time (consistently) you go to bed. Early to bed ..early to rise. (:

  • Nicole Anderson

    Hi guys, I just wanted to start off saying I love your show even though I’m 38 and not exactly a “young” hustler. I am a young hustler at heart. I am just starting to see my 5 years of work paying off I was just able to quite my 9-5 job and start working for myself, which is pretty exciting!! I love what you guys are doing on the Whatever It Takes Network and am looking forward to seeing what you have planned for it in the future.

  • EddySellsCars

    Great episode. Need more to replace those 3 hours of tv a day lol

  • I agree.. this a great episode.. I learned alot and got inspired..!

  • I like the goal setting that works from the end. “When I’m done, where do I want to be”. I need to do more of that. 
    This is good too: “The news is the blues!” (I never watch the news! If there’s something I need to know it will pop up online)
    Thanks GrantCardone and JarrodGlandt

  • I’m gonna get that F-U MONEY! #HustleHarder

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