Grant Cardone shares his backstory and his lessons striving for success. Grant’s staff suggests he do a Cardone Zone about who he is, where he came from and lessons learned along his journey towards success. Grant focuses on assets and liabilities and reminds people that they should use what happened to them for good. Grant shares a lot of who he was as a kid growing up in Louisiana, being an identical twin, how his parents viewed money, how his dad was an example of responsibility and work ethic. He talks about the things he went through that made him who he is and how things that could be perceived as liabilities end up being the asset helping you to succeed. Life challenges, set backs and lows forced Grant to make certain decisions in his life leading him to this point. Grant shares a story from his boyhood about his decision to “get rich” after losing a quarter in the street drain.

Look at life’s assets and liabilities with this in mind:
• Everything that happens in life shapes your thinking.
• These events will either make you break you or both.
• Ask what are you doing? What can be improved?

Grant takes callers and shares how he decided to get great at sales. He speaks to a woman who hit a low and is picking herself up with a new job, and encourages another caller to set his targets high and never quit.

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  • @GrantCardone  You have done seminars all over the country.  Chattanooga TN is the closest “larger” city in my area.  Do you see yourself possibly coming to TN for a seminar focused on Automotive Succes?

  • GrantCardone @GrantCardone  You have done seminars all over the country.  Chattanooga TN is the closest “larger” city in my area.  Do you see yourself possibly coming to TN for a seminar focused on Automotive Success

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    Grant, I’m 27 years old with a 5 month old son. He’s been my biggest motivation in life thus far. My sales job has been rough lately & i know the company is on its way out one way or another. Looking to make a move. Any industries you would recommend right now with the ability to make solid earnings? Open to anything sales related.

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    Thank you for the show Mr Cardone. My quick story…dad left when I was 12, he passed away not long after and mom passed away 9 years ago. I started smoking pot daily after that and gave up on life. A year ago yesterday I married my wife and made the decision to grow everyday. I started seeing your videos on youtube 15 weeks ago and have lost 45 pounds and have read 15 books since then. Thank you for your inspiration Grant. Find me at “Grant Cardone saved my life” on youtube or @tooeazysales on twitter, Stu Eazy.

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    “There’s not one phone call that can make you 10 million.” – Taking what most make complex and showing them how simple it really is.

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    If you need further reading on this topic, get Robert Greene’s Mastery. It will show you how successful people took advantage of their disadvantageous situation and turned it into success and how every station in their lives prepared them to knock it out of the park. Or just listen to GC! Great show today, the callers were good too (and that’s not always the case)!

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