In this previously aired episode, Grant Cardone, successful entrepreneur, best selling author and real estate investor shares the secrets to multifamily investing. For over 25 years Grant Cardone has been investing in multifamily real estate. He believes the America is becoming a renter’s nation offering a great opportunity to create additional income. Grant offers so many helpful details and announces a new show where he will take an even deeper dive into the many things associated with multifamily properties. In this episode Grant discusses the reason one should invest in apartments:

Why to invest in multifamily real estate:
1. Preserve capital.
2. Protect yourself long-term.
3. Multiple flows of income.
4. Leverage (debt vs. money down)
5. Expenses paid by others.

He also offers concise definitions of terminology associated with multifamily investing such as Cap Rate, Price Per Unit, Pro Forma, Trailing 12 and Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR). Grant underscores that it is incredibly important one understands all that is involved so they can have the certainty and courage to pull the trigger. He suggests starting where you live, where you can go see units and understand the area. This episode of Cardone Zone sets up a new show that Grant will do on Whatever It Takes Network focusing on creating wealth through multifamily investing. If you’re wondering how you can get started tune in.

  • joelbuhr

    GrantCardone I am missing the live shows. But I know you guys are hustling so its all good. This is good stuff.

  • andybeigel

    Very excited for this episode:)!

  • tommy davidson

    i want to call in and talk to you.  i keep missing the live [email protected]

  • NicosMind

    Isn’t this an old episode?

  • CardoneMedia

    tommy davidson We are live every week at 1pm Est.  Call in 305-865-8668. Today was a pre-record because GrantCardone spoke to veterans at Ft. Benning!

  • CardoneMedia

    NicosMind Today was a pre-record because GrantCardone spoke to veterans at Ft. Benning! #whateverittakes

  • GrantCardone do I put $30K in mutual funds or try to go with real state multi family apts? is $30K baby money? I will not cause any problems… 😉 I want to get the passive money too

  • TMoneyMind

    Hey Grant, I am still in Bitch money Mode and hustling to get out, where should I start to get into Real Estate? 

  • AndrewLacayo

    CardoneMedia Does Mr. Cardone recommend creating a business to invest in real estate or is doing it as a lone investor also okay?

  • VictorFelix1

    Love this episode. Very excited to start investing in properties. Thanks so much Grant for the inspiration.