Today Grant Cardone is IN YOUR FACE and making sure you keep your hustle through the end of the year. He talks economic expansion, job growth, and commodity markets.

Some Stats:
• 50 weeks of job growth as of today. Longest streak on record since WORLD WAR 2!
• November saw 321,000 jobs added. 100,000 over projections.

With numbers like that, its no surprise the US dollar is surging in the markets and gaining strength against other world currencies. Oil prices are down, and Grant addresses what that means for you as a consumer and an investor, plus what to do with your business during this economic expansion. 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. These expansion headlines will not change that. But it should change how you handle your business going forward.

Economic Expansion Tips:
1. Hammer down, don’t take a break during the holidays

2. Add effort to every activity you do

3. Add staff around you, don’t go at it alone

4. Don’t miss any opportunity or moment in any day

a. Find someone in your company who can send PERSONAL texts to each and every lead you speak with

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake.” – Bill Gates

Grant also takes calls from fans around the US who have personal experience with his products, telling their stories and asking Grant some invaluable questions. Tune in to hear the questions and find out the answers!

And make sure to tune in ever Friday at 1 PM EST to see the show LIVE!

  • 10xSingh
  • WilliamHyder

    Grant Love the show Just got my real estate license and I have been watching the show and you mentioned about a month ago that you would be doing a segment on real estate once a month to show us how to smash it and create multiple flows of passive income, is that still the plan brotha

  • What’s going on with the military grade walkie-talkie?

  • soldbysorin

    Keep your Hustle going at all times and at all levels of Economic Expansion or Economic Contraction. That is the 10X way of life  – Go Grant GO

    Sorin V.

  • GrantCardone

    ask your questions

  • soldbysorin

    Grant when do you know you are ready to expand? I am looking to hire an admin assistant to start on my team to help with smaller tasks for me while I can get be on the move more making more sales but this will be my first time hiring anyone so it is a little scary but super excited. 

    The other question is how do I find someone that is on the same kind of 10X hustle as me?

  • WilliamHyder

    guess not

  • Cash10X

    Great info, Thanks! 

    Glad you see a real recovery ahead. 

    Do you think high end real estate values will jump over the next few years?

    Is it possible we can keep interest rates low (5,6%) and continue growing?

    Thank you!

  • Nathanael Paul Lewis

    Hey Grant, great comment about your dreams, wife and kids. I believe that they are all important just as you said and you can’t use your wife and kids as an excuse. Put in that hustle muscle!

  • Takman17

    Grant the only thing your missing is a Motor home from your Boy at Holland RV let’s tKe your show on the road!!!!!!!! And really blow this US of A up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s ship it to the Shipper

  • GrantCardone

    Takman17 i need one

  • GrantCardone

    Nathanael Paul Lewis thank you —- and thanks for following….be great

  • GrantCardone

    Cash10X that is a good question on rates…i think if they go up at all it stops growth…everyday person can’t afford a hike and the companies are using low rates to grow…

  • GrantCardone

    soldbysorin if you are looking you need one….you should be scared NOT to hire.  you must grow or die.  finding 10X hustler is very difficult and when yo do they often come with baggage… will be hiring lots of people most likely to get the right person….. do it anyway

  • Joshua Smith

    Great show as always.

  • Nuno

    GC i heard you, i am not outsourcing anymore, i understand your vision and i started investing now, i bought a lot of machines and tools and i will start to build the products i sell and used to buy or get producente by third players at the cost of expanding my profit….i am going head first on investing now….like an american altought i am a portuguese listening the best business and sales speaker in the world at this moment. True!

  • Chad Pittenger

    This is the ONLY place I get my News….. Because Grant Brings it REAL!!!

  • GrantCardone

    Chad Pittenger you are the man

  • Steven M Ninnemann

    Mr. Cardone thanks for taking my call and thanks for the advice! -Steven

  • AlanCiechalski

    Grant is dropping real bombs here haha… great episode!

  • jawheel

    I fee like it is the opposite way around. Investors find opportunities and the news(literally) follows them until all is saturated.

  • Love it – “If you’ve got dead people in your life send them my products, it will bring them back to LIFE” ha ha 
    Thanks for another excellent show GrantCardone I’m glad I found you on Youtube a couple years ago!

  • FranangelicoOna

    “Sell or be Old”