Are you middle class? And if so, why? My father fought to keep me in the middle class. My mother fought to keep me in the middle class. And I’m here to help get you out of the middle class.

There is a list of income levels separated by state, which define what the lower middle, median and upper middle class are considered.

Read the related article: Middle Class Income Chart by State

How you’ve been misled:
• I have to get an education. Now you have loan debt and no job.
• I have to save every penny. And it’s losing value versus prices going up.
• Don’t take risk. And never grow.
• Fly under the radar. And never get noticed.

We just finished 7 straight days of filming Season 2 of Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview. We had 416 people apply; 80 people came through the process—and everyone is thinking little. One challenge was to scoop ocean water into a bucket, and bring it to shore without spilling. And instead of filling the bucket and a little coming out, they only filled the buckets halfway—NO ONE CAME BACK WITH A FULL BUCKET.

“The middle class is a helmet of thinking that keeps you trapped.” – GC

Don’t believe everything you see on TV, read in a newspaper or read in a book.

Walt Disney busted out THREE TIMES. And no one will ever forget his name—ever. Even when we’re in space, there will be Disney Parks.

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  • Alain Stout

    YEAH LIVE NICE BETTER heheheHA Greetz from Holland

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  • RichardHalll

    Middle class has a strange sense of priorities…

  • The middle class has a BIG connection to comfort #WIT #CardoneZone

  • You changed my way of thinking! Thanks Grant

  • Recently bought all your mp3 products. Does your Cardone University cover sales training for Real Estate?  Looking to systematize my sales!!!!   You are really impacting people!!!!  Keep it up!!

  • I like that Champions Dominate sign!

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  • warrencasselljr

    I will be purchasing an N number this week and will use it as inspiration to get a plane to put it on.

  • RichardHalll

    Excellent examples of exactly what middle class thinking actually is!  Gives me a lot of ideas.

  • GC, Nice job! Fly High! JD

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  • Elvis Morales

    Keith Dixon following10 I love it too, that sign doesn’t seems to be available on the store but they have pretty cool other stuff here!

  • RichardHalll

    Look at being taxed as the cost of doing business.  Don’t let it be the reason NOT to make more money.

  • Tyler Wampler

    My name is Tyler. We met briefly on March 31 for filming. I want to surround myself by the great people in your organization. Do you have an intern or commission program? I am dying to move onto something great. I do not mind proving myself before asking for the chedder.

  • Debbie812

    I am middle class living in an upper class neighborhood. It’s tough when everyone has in-ground pools and my kids are running through a sprinkler. Our kids are always asking why don’t we have….. how come they can……. My son’s friend told him that “your Daddy is a looser”.  My husband works his butt off and our neighbors conceive him to be a “looser”. Not fair!!!

  • Daniel Smith

    what’s wrong with the audio?

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    something wrong with the audio in the beginning man? who is responsible for this?

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    I am not a very good lip reader 🙁

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    Later segments have the audio missing too!  grrr

  • 22:42 in and These words on this episode are worth gold…!  I’m thankful for you sharing this information for free. The middle class is ridiculous to live on.  Probably my favorite section in The 10x Rule.

  • Cody Cap

    Denver/Metro PPL Lets build a 10x network! Hit me up and lets talk success and push each other to another LEVEL!

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    @Daniel Smith Looks like it’s fixed now. got the youtube video embedded

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    Why is everyone that calls in on these videos so inaudible? Do they
    muffle the calls on purpose? Frustrating not being able to hear clearly.

    It’s not just this show, but any young hustlers or Cardone zone. The ones I listen too anyway.

  • Thanks for the show Grant!

  • LarryTims

    Debbie812 Hi Debbie.  You had a teachable moment for your son.  A lot of kids are spoiled, and some “rich” people might be snooty.  

    But the ONLY response to seeing rich people, or anyone who has succeeded is “Good for them.  What can I do, or what kind of skills can I develop, to get that kind of success”?

    Jealousy is one of the biggest wastes of time and energy.

    It’s good that you are here because you can learn a lot from what is on this network.  Immerse yourself in this stuff, not what others think of you.

  • Pablo

    Thanks GC , even @ over 210k I need  that kick on the guts.


  • Great show, just rewatched.  Definitely going to be adding Cardone Zone to my weekly must watch shows here especially now that Whatever It Takes Season 1 is over. 
    Whatever it Takes:

  • What a great show. This is so revealing of where I ACTUALLY am. Fighting to get out of this middle class.

    For those of us in Canada, I found a similar stat list/article about middle-class incomes within Canada. Check it out

  • RaviPrkash

    WOW Great video…Now i understand why i am in Middle class.
    I will get out of Middle class & try for my friends to get them out also….