Young Hustlers addresses the Millennial myths put out by the media telling you that you won’t be successful, you’re stuck behind the curve, and you cannot break free. You can be a millionaire by the time you are 30. And if you are already 30, you can fix the problems that kept you from becoming one.

Today Jarrod talks about dominating your money. Millennials are lined up to be the first generation to not be better off than the previous generation. That doesn’t have to be our fate.

“Are you money dominant or money submissive?”

Dominant Money:
1. Awareness of your financial goals
2. Daily targets for your income
3. High levels of responsibility
4. Viewing wealth as a tool for freedom, not just to buy ‘things’

Submissive Money:
1. Apathetic about your finances
2. Oblivious of what you spend
3. Unaware of what you actually make
4. Zero money to invest; always broke
5. No plan in place to accumulate or invest money

You can’t be a little bitch, you can’t play the victim—otherwise you’ll be in the submissive category. You have to take control. Don’t go out and buy a new watch. Don’t get a new car. Turn your new money into a new stream of income so you have multiple streams coming in and building your wealth.

Have daily income targets. Have financial goals that you are constantly focusing on.

Whip Your Income Into Shape:
1. Saving isn’t your problem, producing is
2. Put the cuffs on purchases
3. Spank, hunt and dominate the competition

If you ran out of food, you would begin to ration it, and spread out your meals, so that you could survive. You need to do that with your finances. Sleep on an air mattress. Drive a busted car. Don’t go out popping bottles at the club.

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  • Brad Bischoff

    @grantcardone I recently sent some profitable solutions for Cardone Acquisitions and would love if you would have me on the show today. @JarrodGlandt  #YoungHustler #notwaitingtogetmymoneyright

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    @JarrodGlant How do we know we’re in the correct vehicle?

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    With the frame of reference of your pre-Cardone work ethic compared to your post. Let me know what major changes to your work ethic since your employment in a high demand environment. Hypothetically speaking do you think if you left now you could replace your 300k income with what you’ve learned.

  • JarrodGlandt Is there a percentage of your earnings that you would suggest you invest into yourself (personal development, entrepreneur groups, etc)? Appreciate your input

  • AlanThe10XKing

    [email protected] I’m 15 and I have a business that is producing about $2000/mo. at the moment. I think that I could grow it to at least $5000/mo within the next year, and it is sustainable and scalable. From the perspective of you guys, should I focus a majority of my efforts on formal education or business? I would love to call into the show, but it’s always during the time that I’m at school.

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    Brad Bischoff thanks for calling in

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    JarrodGlandt How do I find a mentor? You found Grant.

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    AlanThe10XKing JarrodGlandt Congrats on your business and income! What is your business?

  • I have learned a lot of things myself outside of school and on the internet.

  • AlanThe10XKing

    CardoneMedia JarrodGlandt Mainly online stuff that is pretty easy to scale up. My main income is from Amazon, where I write eBooks. I am trying to grow it to at least $10K/mo. or so before moving into other streams.

  • Appreciate the shoutout JarrodGlandt #MoneyMatters #YoungHustlers

  • Brad Bischoff

    AlanThe10XKing JarrodGlandt Like what Jarrod said on the air, if you have a chance do both. Attend school and let the business grow.  Check out your local SCORE organization.  People are always giving back from their business experiences.  You might find someone that would be interested in running the business day to day operations while giving up a small percentage of equity. Run the company from a far such as school.  Look up any good Private Equity Fund  they could be responsible for 10-15 companies they all have others running the companies.

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    My sales have doubled listening to JarrodGlandt & CardoneMedia ! I went from making 60k a year to 120k this year. It’s very easy practice your pitch every day and stop being a little B*tch!

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    Is creating the habit to save your money and invest your money just as important as it is to close more deals and create more income in your opinion. JarrodGlandt

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    “Train for your position, Be a student of Sales” <— Thanks for sharing your own personal experience JarrodGlandt

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  • PonchoScotch

    “Should I go to college or not?”– I believe college ain’t the complete solution, but it’s part of it. It enhances your blueprint of the world and business, you might learn something that allows to develop skills and gives you a better perspective. If you have the opportunity to go to one, take it, learn as much as you can, but don’t stop there. #JustMyTwoCents

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    Investing in yourself pays off. Just made a major career move and more than doubled my base income with the opportunity for more commissions than previous job. Needed to put myself in a better vehicle- studied Grants books and pitched myself successfully. Thanks for everything you guys do!

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    AlanThe10XKing CardoneMedia JarrodGlandt That’s a good idea! Sounds like your on the right track and have the potential to grow and invest!

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    Amzing Job JarrodGlandt !!

  • Excellent show! Jarrod you’re doing an exceptional job at taking control of the show and keeping it entertaining and engaged. Will definitely share and continue to tune in!

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    AlanThe10XKing JarrodGlandt there are multiple ways to skin a cat my man… school is not for everyone!

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    What kind of savings account should you be putting your money in? Your every day savings account or are you referring to a special kind?

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    AndrewLacayo There are a number of different options… While building your “big” account I would put that money into an account that is safe, secure and has no restrictions on with draws. The rate of return on an account like this will be minimal… but dont worry about that now. Once you hit a solid target in that account ($50k-$100K) Then look for an investment where you will get a strong return on your money but your funds are less accessible. This will allow you to be nimble in case of an unexpected situation that arises early on during the accumulation stage. Professionals will probably tell you something different, but this is what worked for me. You MAIN focus early not should not be rate of return, it should be how you can increase your income as fast as possible.

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