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What are you going to do to hit your goals in 2015 and make it better than last year?

Normal Resolutions:
• Lose weight
• Make more money
• Love my family more

You need to have clarity with goals. You need to focus on your purpose and use it to ground you daily.

• Don’t think, “How do I out-do last year?”
• Think, “How do I 10X my last year?”

Focus on maximizing on the things that worked from last year, instead of just repeating or replacing the previous year. It’s not a to-do list. Make goals big that are out of reach! If you can obtain it today, it’s not big enough.

Pick 5 people for your ‘tribe’, on your board. Those are the people you are getting your information from. Not talking about your family, your friends. Who influences your thoughts? You can have a different board for finances than for your board for spirituality.

Watch Young Hustlers on Whatever It Takes Network!

  • Lets CRUSH 2015!!!

  • Alan

    10X’ing my life in 2015. No distractions.

  • Hey, where are we able to watch this live? That is what I want to start doing is watching them live!!!

  • Alan

    CoreyFranklin Exactly, me too! Great question, wish I knew the answer 😐

  • @Alan CoreyFranklin Yeah, I want to be able to listen and call in and what not. GrantCardone

  • 10x for 2015 and 10x Forever

  • Michael Puerto What time does it start at?

  • [email protected] I believe they pre-recorded a couple of show just because of how busy he may be being the new year and all or he is using a different time zone.I usually can log in here and watch them Live, call in or whatever, it doesn’t make sense because they are receiving phone calls but that’s what I’m thinking at the moment, I sure hope that’s the case because this is the route I use now. I used to use U-Stream or you tube

  • ctblackmorepko Thanks brother, I am still enjoying the show and will look forward to when they start going live with it again.

  • CoreyFranklin GrantCardone  and be sure to tune in tonight for the Exclusive Premier of Whatever it Takes @7pm

  • ctblackmorepko CoreyFranklin GrantCardone EST ?

  • CoreyFranklin ctblackmorepko GrantCardone  Yes, That is the info I’m recieving

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    ctblackmorepko CoreyFranklin GrantCardone Awesome!

  • ctblackmorepko CoreyFranklin GrantCardone Okay thanks!

  • CoreyFranklin ctblackmorepko GrantCardone  your welcome, Have A great Year 10xnit!!!

  • ctblackmorepko Thanks Dude. For the info

  • CoreyFranklin Michael Puerto Am amped for this

  • Abhinay Reddy ctblackmorepko  your welcome, Have a great New Year 10Xnit

  • Abhinay Reddy Same here brother!

  • ctblackmorepko Abhinay Reddy For Sure 🙂 you Too. Let’s Hustle Now !!

  • 7pm est I believe. Great stuff watch the sneak peak trailer.

  • bigmarshdawg77

    Wrong commercial, Jarrod.  I got the trucking company instead of the Chargebacks one. LOL

  • This year I declare and decree I am going to do whatever it takes, the Cardone way.

  • pauledwil

    Thanks for this show, great way to start the year. BTW after doing the “secrets to closing the sale” webinar, I secured $1320 for 2 hours work. I used “how much of what I’ve said do you beleive?” I’m pumped for 2015 cause I got WITnation. Thanks Grant and Jarrod, happy new years!

  • When is the next webinar? Love the webinars, very useful. GrantCardone #10X

  • What was said in the first 15 minutes of this show could literally make my 2015. I had a great 2014 and struggling to set out proper goals to line up 2015. 10X is possible. Pumped!

  • Takman17

    Great way to start the New Year!!!!

  • Great Show, Looking Forward to 2015 @ WITNATION

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    Big cheers from an immigrant hustler… @yelouazzanie

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  • Great stuff [email protected]

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    GrantCardone Just saw this episode. Great content as always! Really need to implement the writing goals twice a day, ritual! #10x

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    Happy 2015 Xing it, young hustlers !JarrodGlandt GrantCardone witnation

  • lisa10Xer

    Ha! I scare myself! So true !

  • My goal is to have my name synonymous when it comes to networking. I want to be a dominate influencer when it comes to networking strategy and coaching. I elaborate on my blog post

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    Michelle Ngome Love that! Goals so big they make other people laugh at you!!

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    @parentesuccess GrantCardone Its like magic!

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    StanSK  GO BIG BRO!

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    Youssef el ouazzani Get that immigrant hustle on!!

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    MikeGinett Thanks for following the show! Lets Do This!

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    gmac13luk Time to hammer down G!

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    TimothyJacquet Love that – now take massive action DAILY to ensure it!

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    bigmarshdawg77 10X has its problems

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  • LA L

    I really like your shows, great inspiration, but the video keeps stopping is hard to watch

  • lisa10Xer

    witnation GrantCardone Goals : not a to do list, not New year’s resolutions, it’s not something you can hit today! Write down your goals Twice a day EVERY day! And make them BIG , better to fail cos your goals are too high then succeed cos your goals are too low! 10X your Goals!

  • trevorottman

    grantcardone  JarrodGlandt  Kinda bummed the show was pulled from Apple Podcasts. Any plans on bringing it back? Would love to continue to listen on my commute.

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    @ 10x for life baby! Check us out online at or hit us up on twitter ReferenceMeNow… GC & Jarrod are the real deal!