Learn how to master any and every objection. Grant Cardone is the greatest objection handler on planet earth. Mastering Objections was an epic 5 hour event, and when you purchase today you still can get a 50+ page ebook, 200 + page rebuttal book, 15 short objection handling videos, and a play-by-play of Grant breaking down a sales call he did recently. If you don’t master objections you’ll never be paid what you deserve to be paid.
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  • Guest11

    What’s the link to order your Objections package? Also, a discount code would be nice?

  • BSchulz88

    Discount code? Knowledge doesn’t come with a discount. This is GCTV not a Bernie Sanders campaign rally. You’re worried about a discount on 150 dollars, what you should be worried about is how much money you’re going to make when you learn how to handle objections.