Grant talks about not wanting to spend any money in business early on, how he was scared, and how his think wasn’t big enough in the past. If you don’t invest in your business, you won’t make money. The money doesn’t grow the business, it’s the certainty that comes with spending the money that you know for sure you can go and get more money. If people don’t know you they won’t buy from you. Grant says that you need to handle yourself, invest in yourself, and focus on you to get yourself right.

  • .GrantCardone “you don’t come to an interview with a coffee” unless it is 4 shots and foam to the top for Grant… robertsyslojr great video bro

  • Jens

    Great video, some real good knowledge ! But guys use pen and paper , it activate more of your brain neurotransmitters and you remember more 🙂 .

  • cmullen97

    BANG!  GC is where it’s at!  The Ultimate Cat!  Thanks for all the info. Grant….man I listen & listen & listen & read, read, read, & reread & listen to all of your education.  Making a huge difference in the world “Dude”  (at least those who pay attention & take action)…Keep on educating all of us friend!  Thanks in a 10x way!


  • ArturRoth

    @Jens Pen and Paper? I wouldnt dare to look down a single time to write it while i could be paying attention 100%

  • ArturRoth

    Can’t not love this guy. It’s knowledge packed in testosterone. Great video as always.