Grant Cardone and John Hamlin talk sales and the power of agreement. Over the last 40 years John has been around a lot of salespeople. A common theme among great salespeople he sees is their ability to stay in agreement. The importance of agreement cannot be stressed enough. Never violate what works! If you don’t have always you will end up with nevers!

  • Alex Scott

    definitely get John on the show more, he has great energy and you two get me pumped up for some sales!

  • CallMeDaddySon

    You need to fix your MYGCTV app! I have an android and it constantly has issues, and it’s not just my phone. It Has never let me load G&E show, says “impossible to load”. Sometimes like now the homepage is blank and when you select shows it says “impossible to load the shows”.
    The app is only updated with 25% of the shows that get put on grantcardonetv.
    And when it is working a HUUUGE need to update is the ability to let the audio to continue to play when you minimize window or block the screen. This way people can continue to listen while putting the phone away!
    Love the content keep putting it out there. This will make it much more convienent for the 7billion people to hear you!

  • James Ross

    Always be in agreement.

  • DeanRDavis

    I’ve been watching GrantCardonetv since it was WITNetwork. This episode was so great, John Hamlin is a genius, one of my favorite guests. This was valuable content indeed. Thank you so much for this highly genuine and informative discussion.