Grant was interviewed by Kate Stalter for her new podcast “Better Money Decisions” and shared his wisdom and insights.

Kate Stalter is a columnist for US News, Forbes and TheStreet, and previously hosted a nationally-syndicated radio show about stocks and investments, as well as hundreds of online videos for Investor’s Business Daily and

Her firm and podcast (launching later this month) is called “Better Money Decisions”

The podcast will focus more on Gen X-ers and Boomers: Many of whom are still working, but have the dreaded “middle class” mentality, and don’t understand they need to HUSTLE to live the lives they envision.

  • Hey Grant. I’m 51 years old . Been a follower for about a year. Been in door to door vacuum cleaner sales for 33 years. Your comment ” If you’re finding reasons To not make time to learn new things ( facebook, twitter, even basic email ) you’re probably running out of time any money, hit me like a ton of bricks!!! Thank you! Mike Wolfe