Grant Cardone comes on with Neil Cavuto and talks about the power of attention with the media. With the presidential election down to two candidates only—it’s not the information that is the most important thing, but rather which candidate can control the media. Donald Trump is a master at getting attention. For you and your business, obscurity is your biggest problem.

Grant Cardone is an international business and sales Training expert

  • Nickolas_10X


  • Grant used his strategy for interviews which is where he takes a view or standpoint that has altitude and really nails the point home, and he was friendly to the interviewer not antagonistic. Grants strategy for me is clear, that he would express a view that was interesting to the audience, control to an extent the interview by keeping linking back to that view and closing with a link to his book. Do you think fox news will have him back as a panelist…. absolutely….. and this is the whole point. Great interview Grant.

  • karlj1

    you rocked that interview GC

  • kennycannon

    “Good to have you back Neil.”  Nice play there. lol Spot on interview but unfortunately he got a little smoked last night.