David Frangioni

Engineer, Producer, Drummer, Technologist & Businessman.

Few people in the world of music technology can claim the amount of experience and credits that David Frangioni has amassed. When David was just 7 years old he started his musical career as an aspiring drummer. By the time that he was 16, David was playing full-time in clubs around New England, experimenting with electronic drums and catching the music technology bug!

Immersing himself in all aspects of technology, David quickly became a leader in the music industry in digital audio and video technology, computer based workstations, and MIDI systems. David has earned the respect of music industry colleagues across the globe and is considered a pioneer in the surround sound business both as an installer, consultant, and mixing engineer. David co-produced & engineered the first 5.1 digital surround sound music mixes ever on CD for DTS in 1995.

Frangioni is the recipient of dozens of gold and platinum albums as technical consultant, engineer, and/or programmer since 1987. He has been featured in magazines worldwide and in 2000 & 2001 moderated an Internet music technology forum that numbered in the millions of monthly readers.
In 1989 David began serving as the chief technologist for the group Aerosmith. His relationship with the band has grown through the years and continues to this day. He has built most of their personal recording studios and high-end A/V systems. He served as their in-house engineer for the records “Get a Grip,” “Big Ones,” “South of Sanity,” and “Nine Lives.” An interesting tidbit is that David even assisted in the sound design of their arcade video game and Universal Theme Park Ride!

In 2003/2004, he gained worldwide notoriety as the official technologist for “The Osbournes” and appeared in multiple episodes of their hit MTV show. Ozzy even jokingly referred to David as “The Rocket Man, only happy when he has a fuse box in his hands!”

David also co-produced and programmed two best selling Sample CD’s (Dance/Industrial I & II) released in 1991 & 1994, respectively and then released his 3rd & 4th Sample CDs, “Steve Smith – Rhythmic Journey” and “More than Styx.”. A 5th Sample CD is in the works now with Jim Riley, drummer for Rascal Flatts.

Visit David at @techsa1